New Verizon Phones Coming Out

New Verizon Phones 2015
LG V10 – New Verizon Phones 2015

The Verizon LG V10 is now available online and in stores for $28 per month for 24 months ($672 full price).

Motorola Droid Turbo 2 – New Verizon Phones 2015

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Motorola Droid MAXX 2 – New Verizon Phones 2015


Apple iPhone 6s – New Verizon Phones 2015

The iPhone 6s as being a great device. It’s super fast on Wi-Fi that is for sure, but it seems that maybe the new IOS 9 update needs a new update as most of them do.

The Touch ID and 3D touch works flawlessly and responds instantly. Siri, the battery life, the processor, and the camera have all improved significantly.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus – New Verizon Phones 2015

The iPhone 6s Plus is filled with useful features that people actually use. The phone its self is fast and runs ever so smooth, no lag at all! The live photos feature is superb, its amazing how apple can make such a simple thing a major selling point for the consumer, it brings a new feel to your pictures, not to mention the quality of the camera. I will be honest 3D touch is very cool, although to …

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – New Verizon Phones 2015

The Galaxy Note5 works flawlessly and is easy to use. The battery charges very quickly due to some new technology with the supplied charger, and seems to hold a charge better then the S5. The screen is very vibrant and the size is perfect. Loaded with features and runs fast on the internet.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

Very fast phone packed with zillions of features. It’s 5.7″ screen is bigger than iPhone 6+ yet the phone is smaller, thinner, lighter, and more durable. The absolute only thing I could complain about is the edge screen.

HTC Desire 626 – New Verizon Phones 2015

This phone is all plastic, but it’s made really well and has a very modern/sleek look. It looks like it costs twice the price. Performance has been great. No complaints about the phone so far.

HTC Desire 526 – New Verizon Phones 2015

The phone is nice and able to load apps without problem or delay. The downfall is that the battery dies too quickly requiring you to recharge after about 7 hrs continuous use.

LG Lancet – New Verizon Phones 2015

This is the perfect phone for someone who is not caught up in all the hype of having a gazillion apps. I have an Iphone 6 for work and the Lancet as my personal phone. As with all Windows phones, the app choices are limited. The Lancet falls way short on the camera but other than that it is a decent product.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge – New Verizon Phones 2015

I like the S6 Edge. It performs well and is just like any other S series phone as far as ease of use. The only complaint I have is the battery life isn’t exactly great. I bought the wireless charger for it and it’s super convenient, however I’ve just noticed my phone is running low on juice by around 6 pm.

Samsung Galaxy S6 – New Verizon Phones 2015


HTC One M9 – New Verizon Phones 2015

My new phone is super easy to use, battery lasts longer than my last one especially if it’s not using 4g, the GPS works great which is nice when I get lost, the screen is bright and sensitive enough that I don’t get that broken up line problem when swiping, and the sound on this is wicked good.

LG G4 – New Verizon Phones 2015

I really like this LG G4 phone. I didn’t really care about what particular phone I had but this is a great phone. Only thing I do not really care for is the size, I am kind if a small person so it’s Big. But All phones are Big to me now.