New T-Mobile Phones Coming Out

New T-Mobile Phones 2015

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra


Unlocked Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium-2

Unlocked Lumia 950

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium-2

Unlocked Lumia 950 XL


Gold platinum Samsung Galaxy Note 5


Nexus 6P

Nexus 6P

Nexus 5X


Unlocked ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser


The ZenFone 2 Laser (ZE551KL) 16GB will available for $199 and the 32GB for $249 at Newegg and the ASUS Store in November.

LG V10 – New T-Mobile Phones 2015

T-Mobile LG V10
The T-Mobile LG V10 is now on sale. It costs $599 without contract, or $25 per month for 24 months. Free 200GB SD Card/Battery Kit, they have extended their $100 pre-paid Visa card w/accompanying LG G-Pad F 8.0 purchase.

Apple iPhone 6s –┬áNew T-Mobile Phones 2015

Great move to iPhone 6S from an Android phone. I love the live photo feature on iPhone 6s, not so interested in 3D touch. This phone supports all T-Mobile new LTE and Wi-Fi calling which is a boon in the hospital I work in.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus

It may not be as customizable as android, but it excels in stability and that’s an area android doesn’t. Battery life takes me to a full day and a half if I don’t charge it and leave it in power saving mode. It’s quick, 3D Touch is amazing and so nice. Can’t wait to see more compatibility in the future. Camera is amazing and by far the best iPhone camera I’ve ever used.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

It works perfectly, with zero lag. The display is beautiful and very responsive. The improved fingerprint scanner is awesome. This is my 4th samsung device, and I haven’t had ANY problems with any of them, ever. So don’t let the negative reviews from people who’ve never even owned a samsung phone stop you from getting one. Battery life is pretty good, and greatly based on how you use your device ( and of course certain apps).

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

Either of those devices are legends in their own right, but the S6 Edge has made its case in my book! It’s so stunning and beautiful to look at! I didn’t think I would ever see a screen better than the Note 4, but the Edge does hold the “edge” in that department. I love everything about this phone except…

Kyocera Hydro Wave

The truth of this phone. It has good and bad. Considering the price point and keeping expectations in line it mostly adds up to being a decent device.

LG G Stylo

LG G Stylo-1
I love this phone! The battery life is better than any other phone I’ve had, and there’s plenty of space for apps. I wasn’t sure when I got it if I’d use the stylus, but it’s actually really convenient. I like it so much I’ve actually grown to dislike using my finger on the touch screen.
Only cons as far as I’m concerned are that the built-in keyboard isn’t that good at recognizing what words I’m trying to say and that the phone is too large to comfortably fit in my pocket and has to go in my purse (however, the large screen is a definite plus when playing games or using the internet, so it’s a minor problem).

HTC One M9

This device is definitely a top rate smartphone almost everyone should consider. It excels in almost every way, with only one major issue.
First, the great and good. The device feels great and looks great! A little on the heavy side, but not too heavy.
Functionality is superior. I agonized over whether to get this device and searched dozens of videos and articles to determine if it was right for me. I have been in the Samsung and Apple camp for the last several years and tried the m8 earlier this year, only to return it immediately since it did not support all the LTE bands I needed. Last week, I had to take a try at the m9 and was very impressed and pleased. A key benefit of this device is the OS uses very little of the RAM, as compared to TouchWiz which uses a lot of the RAM. This allows the device to run much smoother and operate more optimally.

LG G4 – New T-Mobile Phones 2015

Love this phone. I was previously a Samsung Galaxy phone user and this phone is definitely the best I’ve ever used. My only two criticisms – I wish the battery would last longer and the touch screen is sometimes a bit temperamental. Here are two tips that I wish I knew when I got started using the phone. 1) Use the charger that came with the phone because the after market chargers don’t work well with this phone. 2) If you are wearing sunglasses and try to take a portrait picture outside your screen will look like it went black …just take off your sunglasses and the screen reappears. It has something to do with certain lenses – I think polarized lenses. I’m no tech wizard but after much googling this was the best answer I could find and just taking off my sunglasses worked.