AT&T Lumia 950 $0 upfront at Amazon

Windows Central:
The AT&T version of Microsoft’s recently launched Lumia 950 smartphone is now available for free via AT&T Next if you buy the Windows 10 Mobile smartphone from Amazon.

Wilbur Schitzel
It’s not free. Look at the AT&T site and it’s the same price and has been since release. $0 upfront, then either $19.97, $24.97, or $29.97 per month depending on length of the Next plan. It’s nothing more than a lease.

Source: Amazon, Via: Windows Central

AT&T Lumia 950 Firmware update – Windows as a Service updates

“The 950 will be receiving monthly WaaS (Windows as a Service) updates, and the latest one released on December 8th (Build Version 10.0.10586.29.) These updates are not certified by AT&T, and will be delivered via Microsoft over-the-air. A Wi-Fi connection is required. From the App List, scroll down and tap Settings > Phone Update > Check for Update.”

I don’t think anyone in the US has received the firmware update, locked or unlocked. Which tells me it could be quite a while before AT&T phones get it.


Source: AT&T Support Forums Via: Windows Central

Spirnt LG G Stylo upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Software Updates – LG G Stylo

OS Upgrade to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Software updates may be released in stages and can take several days for delivery.
If prompted that an update is available, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
Check the current device software:


The only mention the sprint version of the lg g stlyo should get is that it was a huge rip off. Tmobile released the same phone with 2 gb of ram making it a good budget device, but sprint releases the same phone with 1 gb of ram making it a laggy, buggy phone that force closes apps.

Source: Sprint Via: Android Police

Verizon LG Optimus Zone 3 Android Phone leaked

It’s the beauty of Android. Different level of phones for different needs. Low-end cheap devices like this are targeted at lower-priced prepaid providers. In this case, the phone is designed for Verizon Wireless Prepaid, which offers unlimited talk, text, and 3GB data for $45/month.

evleaks: Stocking stuffer: LG Optimus Zone 3 for Verizon prepaid. Merry Xmas.

Verizon LG Optimus Zone 3

Source: evleaks Via: PhoneArena

Verizon BlackBerry Priv visits FCC

That’s great news. Very excited to have the Priv on Verizon!

You’re now one step closer to being able to pick up the device as it has now checked in with the FCC seeking approval. Although it’s no sure sign of a release date, the document confidentiality agreements expire on January 20, 2016.


Via: CrackBerry

Samsung Galaxy A9 – New Samsung Phones

The new Samsung Galaxy A9 is a really good physical size for a 6 inch phone. Put these same features in the S7 plus with top of the line processor and camera (that’s a given), and I’m sold.


At its Galaxy A Party 2016 event in China, Samsung announced the high-end Galaxy A9 with a six-inch 1080p super AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy A9

Key Features:
6-inch 1080p super AMOLED display
4,000mAh battery
Snapdragon 652 processor
3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage
13MP rear facing camera
8MP front facing camera
7.4mm thick
Android 5.1.1 OS

Very impressive specs. I personally prefer 5.5 inch screens or less. I am definitely going to consider this device when I upgrade in 2016.

Via:  SamMobile, Engadget

AT&T GoPhone Lumia 640 only $50 at BestBuy

Windows Central:

The retailer has the Lumia 435 from T-Mobile priced at $29.99, while AT&T’s Lumia 640 is currently just $49.99.

I bought 3 AT&T 640’s and unlocked them all no hassle. Using on Tmo and getting LTE. No band 12 means you won’t have the new 700mhz frequency that Tmo is rolling out in some places. It’s not in my area anyway.

I’m hoping it’s available on MetroPCs in-store. When the phone was launched, I bought it for free, without a contract and unlocked it in 3 months.

MetroPCs had an in-store price of $39. The rep waived me that too, since I was ready to switch from AT&T. This could still be a deal someone can check in, if you are ready to switch your carrier. I did it, since coverage was the same in my area, and AT&T wasn’t launching the 640 on June. I hope they carry the 650 too! 

I got my 640 from the MS store for $40 a few days before BF. I did not want to chance Bestbuy selling out so just got it early. Best $40 I have ever spent. Running win10 mobile now. Just buy it, you will not be disappointed

Source: BestBuy Via: WindowsCentral

32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 for $399 at ebay

Quick heads-up on another Samsung Galaxy S6 deal: eBay has it going for $399, which will get you a fully unlocked 32GB unit.

The screen is big and gorgeous, with its high resolution and clarity. The battery lasts me 1.5 days with normal use (texting, social media, light phone use).


Source: eBay Via: Phandroid

Samsung Galaxy A9 photos leaked

Today, The Samsung Galaxy A9 was approved by China’s Telecommunication Equipment Certification Center…

On Teanaa site this phone looks beautiful. Looking forward to it.

I still miss my Galaxy Note’s AMOLED screen, and I like big phones. So if the price is right and the back is not made of glass, I’m interested. If this is a glass phone, sorry, I need my phone to survive a drop.

Samsung-Galaxy-A9 (6)

Samsung-Galaxy-A9 (3)

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LG G Pad II 8.3-inch LTE – New LG Tablets

Does it have call function? If they come with LTE option so yes, it can brought call function…but maybe this dont will come with LTE option so no call’s on this.

LG G Pad II 8.3-inch LTE

LG G Pad II 8.3-inch LTE Key Features:
built-in stylus
1,920 x 1,200 pixels resolution
SD615 SoC
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.1, and GPS
4,800 mAh battery
16GB expandable storage.
Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

Source: LG Newsroom Via: PocketNow